This carefully chosen figure aligns with the overarching goals and longevity of the Time 2.0 project, spanning a significant duration of 30 years.

Sustainability and Longevity

Binutecoin embodies a novel approach to decentralized time measurement within the Time 2.0 framework. As the native token of this innovative ecosystem, Binutecoin serves as a cornerstone for facilitating transactions, incentivizing participation, and driving community engagement.

The Supply

Total supply of Binutecoin (BINUTE), set at 12,000,000 tokens. This deliberate choice underscores the project's thematic essence, centering around innovative time management solutions and the redefinition of temporal paradigms.

Behind Vision

As Binutecoin strives to achieve success and widespread adoption, the migration to the Clockchain represents a pivotal moment in its evolution. This transition signifies more than just a technical upgrade; it signifies a shift towards full decentralization and empowerment of the community.
By integrating timestamps based on the Time 2.0 framework, the Clockchain enables users to securely record and access information related to both space and time. This innovative approach not only revolutionizes the concept of decentralized timekeeping but also opens up new possibilities for applications spanning various industries and domains.



The distribution of Binutecoin is structured to ensure fairness, transparency, and widespread participation within the community. A portion of the total token supply is allocated for different purposes, including initial distribution, development, liquidity provision, and community incentives. This strategic allocation aims to balance the interests of various stakeholders while fostering a robust and vibrant ecosystem around Binutecoin.

Use Cases

Binutecoin's utility extends beyond mere transactional value, offering a myriad of use cases within the Time 2.0 ecosystem. From powering decentralized applications (dApps) and governance mechanisms to enabling time-based assets and facilitating peer-to-peer transactions, Binutecoin plays a pivotal role in driving the functionality and innovation of the ecosystem. Its utility is further enhanced by integration with the Time 2.0 framework, providing a seamless experience for users and developers alike.


Binutecoin token holders actively participate in the governance of the ecosystem, exercising voting rights to shape its future direction. Through DAOs and voting protocols, stakeholders can propose and vote on protocol upgrades, funding allocations, and community initiatives. This democratic approach ensures that the Binutecoin ecosystem evolves in line with the collective interests and values of its community members.

Legal issues

The tokenomics for Binutecoin token are designed to ensure compliance with securities regulations while providing a robust framework for functionality, distribution, and use cases within the Time 2.0 ecosystem:

  1. Token Classification: Binutecoin token is classified as a utility token, granting access to features and services within the ecosystem without representing ownership or profit expectations.

  2. Token Functionality: It serves various purposes, including governance participation, staking for rewards, access to exclusive features, and rewarding user contributions.

  3. Token Distribution: Allocations are made to the project team, advisors, and early backers, with public sales conducted in compliance with regulatory standards. Liquidity provision ensures market stability.

  4. Use Cases: Binutecoin tokens can be staked for rewards, used for governance voting, access premium features, and earn rewards for ecosystem contributions.

  5. Compliance with Regulations: The token offering adheres to securities regulations, providing legal documentation and investor protections.

  6. Security Measures: Robust security protocols safeguard the token and infrastructure against cyber threats and unauthorized access.

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