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The Binutecoin project

Revolutionize the perception of time and its value through the implementation of the Time 2.0 framework.

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Bridging Space and Time

Measurement Innovation

The Binute unit serves as a critical bridge between time and space. The synchronization of the clock with the compass enables artificial intelligence to comprehend the compass component more effectively.

Prototype Development

This is a crucial aspect of the Binutecoin project. The prototype serves as a tangible representation of the innovative concepts underlying the Time 2.0 ecosystem, aligning with technological advancement and user-centric design.

Project Objectives

Binutecoin is a startup token created for the Clock of Time 2.0 project.
The primary goal of Binutecoin is to establish a decentralized time measurement system using the Binute unite, reshaping human perception of time through community-driven engagement and cutting-edge technology.

Investors interested in the BINUTE$ tokens have the opportunity to participate in the project's growth and development.


With a total supply of 12,000,000 $BINUTE, it is designed to serve as an investment opportunity for individuals interested in the innovative time measurement system and associated products.
The tokenomics of BINUTE$ are simply designed to ensure transparency and provide utility within the Clock of Time 2.0 ecosystem. The tokens can be utilized for various purposes within the system, including accessing and utilizing the 12HS T-watch network.

Key Features

12HS Clock Production

Blockchain Migration

Research and Innovation

Long-Term Sustainability

Decentralized Network

Integrated with the 12HS T-watch and the AI Clockchain, Binutecoin facilitates seamless synchronization between artificial intelligence, temporal frameworks, and the physical world. Notably, the launch of Time 2.0 in September 2022 coincides with the emergence of public AI, heralding a new era where decentralized timekeeping converges with advancements in artificial intelligence.

This alignment promises a future brimming with innovative solutions and transformative experiences, driven by the Time 2.0 framework and its profound implications for the intersection of technology and humanity.

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Technological Advancement

The innovation lies in the introduction of this unique timekeeping device. A novel and precise way of measuring time, setting the stage for a paradigm shift in how individuals perceive and manage time.


Unique timekeeping device synchronized with the Time 2.0 framework.


New unit of measurement, allowing for more accurate time tracking.

Thriving community

Binutecoin and Time 2.0 extends beyond traditional metrics, offering a groundbreaking approach for both AI systems and human endeavors, revolutionizing research, optimizing decision-making, and fostering a deeper understanding of time's role in our lives.

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