Binutecoin introduces the concept of "binute" to revolutionize how we perceive time. The project's main aim is to craft special 12HS clocks embodying this novel concept, offering people a simpler way to grasp time in their everyday routines. These clocks are about fostering a sense of connection and community around a shared idea and a fully decentralized concept. What's even more fascinating is that AI systems are capable of understanding the compass of Time 2.0 Framework. This means they can interpret and adjust to various space-temporal contexts, providing more intuitive and personalized experience.

Binute Unit

Serves as a fundamental component in synchronizing space with time. This synchronization extends to the Harmony Segments (HS) unit, aligning effectively with the position of the sun.
As a result, the HS unit becomes synchronized with the natural progression of daylight, enhancing the system's accuracy and relevance to real-world temporal dynamics.

This innovative approach ensures that time within the decentralized ecosystem is harmoniously integrated with spatial considerations, facilitating more effective coordination and operation across diverse applications and contexts.

Javascript Prototype

Having successfully implemented the JavaScript prototype, our next milestone involves scaling up the project and establishing our dedicated Time 2.0 (T2) server along with the Clockchain infrastructure.

Full Decentralization

Clockchain represents the next evolution in blockchain technology, integrating the Time 2.0 framework to offer uninterrupted and precise timekeeping without leap seconds. By synchronizing with AI systems and humans, Clockchain ensures reliability and efficiency, positioning it as the foundation for Blockchain 2.0.